Some more development from Julian regarding cheaper lighting concepts.

Lighting design based on branding

Updated images for the 3D projection mapping on the machines in the SSL

More conceptual ideas for lighting in the Smart Structures Laboratory. Created by Svet using the idea of small lights and back-lit perplex.

Some further concepts for cheaper lighting. Visualised by Tracey.

Some concept ideas for cheaper lighting solutions by Tracey.

Some concept ideas for cheaper lighting solutions by Tracey.

Client meeting: October 6.

We had a meeting with the client on Thursday regarding what we have covered so far in the design process and to see what they thought of what we are designing and creating. The presentation went well, and there was some positive feedback from the client in regards to what we are doing as a group. The branding are continuing to develop their work but are now also for the client to provide information in relation to photography and text to work into the website and layouts. The branding team are hopefully have a workshop next week with some professional lighting designers with the following week as a site visit to see if any of the ideas are feasible are able to be used.

A monthly magazine/newsletter layout created by Sam, which the lab could take on as a way of communicating with people about what they are doing.

Some poster layouts created by Sam using her branding concept for SSL.

Layouts which would work throughout the branding. Created by Laura.

Some further development in to brand which Laura has created.

Some snippets of the lighting section of the presentation. The lighting section had a lot of flash and animated sequences to show how the lighting would work in the space.

Some snippets from the branding section of our presentation from Thursday 6 October with the client.

Some more logo/branding work developed by Mark.

Motor Engine Fixtures

Another link provided by Svet as an example of what could be a great lighting design element in the space.